What is the purpose of the Sumter Education Foundation?

To raise funds and promote educational programs for Sumter School District via donations from business groups, individuals, corporations, foundations and individuals at large.

  • To provide a review committee for program ideas and to make gifts and grants to the school and to individual departments, teachers, students, and student groups to the purposes of the Foundation and Sumter School District.
  • To act as fiscal agent for donors who wish to sponsor projects for a school, its teachers and students.


Is my gift tax deductible?

The Sumter Education Foundation is a chartered corporation in South Carolina and is tax-exempt under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Any gift to the foundation provides a corresponding tax liability deduction from State and Federal income taxes. The foundation is eligible to receive cash, securities, personal property, equipment, real estate, and bequest donations. Donations can be made toward general or restricted purposes.


Where does my donation go?

Our emphasis is on offering the greatest amount of assistance to the teachers in order to provide better instruction for the students in Sumter School District. This commitment includes purchasing instructional materials for use in the individual classrooms as well as providing support for special programs associated with the schools.